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Why buy casters from HTS Caster?

HTS Caster is known as a quality casters and wheels manufacturer, designer and developer. Its products are durable products that can be used for a long time.   

HTS Caster manufactures more than 800 types of casters. You can search and order the casters and wheels that suit your needs according to the material, size and carrying capacity. You can see the applications of each casters by reviewing our catalog.

HTS Casters is a trusted brand, provides full customer support and does its best to deliver products as quickly as possible.


HTS Caster systems was founded by Hayrettin Erdemir in 1965, and since 1985, it has been manufacturing furniture casters and industrial casetrs. With over 57 years of experience in its sector, HTS Caster has prioritized customer satisfaction and continues to develop its products and services using modern technology.

Recognizing that fast and high-quality production relies on automation and programmed work, HTS Caster follows and applies the latest technology in automatic mold automation systems and computerized machines in its machine park.

R&D and P&D are critical components of HTS Caster's work, leading to the company's reputation for quality and trust in the industry. The company's showroom displays its diverse range of products, available to meet the needs of both small and large organizations.


Turkey's Leading Company in Caster and Wheels Production

With 40 Years of Experience, Exports to nearly 50 countries in the world



The best material for manufacturing Casters wheels

The materials used in the construction of the caster wheels have an effect on load capacity, floor protection, noise reduction, and overall longevity.


How to choose the right furniture casters

Furniature casters are essential components that make the furniture move. choosing the right furniture casters can be a bit daunting, as there are many factors to consider.


How to choose the right caster diameter

Casters play a good role in moving various objects from furniture to industrial equipment.


Durable Furniture Casters-Office Wheel

Two types of popular and durable casters ideal for your furniture, office casters. It is suitable for long-term use with its product variety and quality materials.