HTS Caster was founded in 1965 and started its industrial and commercial life. In addition to its industrial activities, it has taken its place as a manufacturer of furniture casters and industrial casters since 1985. As of today, it is Turkey's largest furniture casters manufacturer, producing at European standards in an area of 20,000 m2 in Hadımköy, Istanbul.

With 40 years of knowledge and 58 years of industrial experience in the caster and wheel production sector, HTS Caster has made customer satisfaction its top priority by harnessing modern technological infrastructure. Our company, built on decades of experience, places great emphasis on product quality, functionality, pricing, and design, all while tailoring our offerings to suit the specific needs of our diverse customer base. Given the various sectors our products serve, HTS Caster provides customized solutions to meet these distinct requirements.

At HTS Caster, we are fully cognizant that achieving rapid and high-quality production hinges on our professional and technologically advanced approaches. We invest in cutting-edge technology, such as automated mold systems and computerized machinery within our facility, to stay at the forefront of innovation. Our product portfolio spans various capacities, and we proudly welcome our valued customers to our exclusive showroom, where we showcase our range. We approach the needs of organizations, regardless of their size, with the same unwavering attention to detail and commitment.  

As of today, our brand, which is accepted and appreciated by leading companies in its sector around the world, has made customer requests and demands a principle and crowned its products produced in TSE standards with the international documents and certificates it has received.

For 23 years, HTS Caster has been an active participant in the largest international fairs, both within and outside our country. This longstanding commitment has allowed us to bring together professionals in our industry. HTS Caster proudly holds the title of the brand with the most diverse and high-quality product range in Europe. Through our special booth designs and product exhibitions, we effectively represent our country on the global stage.

A significant part of HTS Caster's work includes R&D (Research/Development) and P&D (Product Development) activities. Therefore, the company continues to have a say in the industry regarding quality and trust.

Acting with the idea that the best way to determine customer demands and expectations is to meet them one-on-one, HTS Caster has contacted many centers both in Turkey and abroad and continues its visits at periodic intervals.

The export department has become an important focus in recent years and HTS Caster aims to increase its production capacity from 150,000 pieces/day and 3,000,000 pieces/month to 300,000 pieces/day and 6,000,000 pieces/month by 2023. The majority of the company's production capacity consists of exports.

HTS Caster serves abroad in Germany, America, Albania, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Algeria, Dubai, Armenia, Morocco, France, Georgia, Croatia, Netherlands, Iraq, Iran, England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Libya, Lebanon, Macedonia, Egypt, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, S. Arabia, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Jordan It does business with.