HTS Caster systems was founded by Hayrettin Erdemir in 1965, and since 1985, it has been manufacturing furniture casters and industrial wheels. With over 57 years of experience in its sector, HTS Caster has prioritized customer satisfaction and continues to develop its products and services using modern technology.

Recognizing that fast and high-quality production relies on automation and programmed work, HTS Caster follows and applies the latest technology in automatic mold automation systems and computerized machines in its machine park.

R&D and P&D are critical components of HTS Caster's work, leading to the company's reputation for quality and trust in the industry. The company's showroom displays its diverse range of products, available to meet the needs of both small and large organizations.

HTS Caster understands that the best way to determine customer requests and expectations is to meet with them directly. Therefore, the company has contacted many centers, both domestically and abroad, to maintain one-on-one connections at periodic intervals.

The export department has become a significant focus in recent years, and HTS Caster aims to increase its production capacity from 45,000 units/day and 1,170,000 units/month to 100,000 units/day and 2,600,000 units/month by 2005. Currently, 65% of the company's total performance comes from exports.

HTS Caster's prominent exporting areas include Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Tunisia, Egypt, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Montenegro, Spain, Serbia, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Macedonia, Iran, North Cyprus, Greece, Iraq, Kosovo, Albania, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Switzerland, Austria, Morocco, and the UAE.

With its young, dynamic management and production staff, HTS Caster continues to take firm steps forward in its sector, open to innovations and development, and serves with passion.