Haylitin Erdemir was founded in 1965 and started his business life. Since 1985, it has been a manufacturer of furniture and industrial casters. 40 years of knowledge in the industry and 57 years of experience, using the modern infrastructure of technology, unconditional customer satisfaction.
Aware that fast and quality production goes through automation and programmatic work; Along with the computerized devices in the machine park, you should apply the automatic mold automation system by following the latest technology. R&D (Research / Development) UR-GE (Product Development) constitutes the subject. For this reason, today, it has a reputation for quality and reliability not to be underestimated in the sector.
We look forward to the needs of every organization, small and large, with the same diligence and seriousness.
Customer demands and expectations in the best way not detected in the barely moving the Good Business with the thought that passed through to meet one to one with them, should this şartd in Turkey have to communicate a lot of the headquarters in both overseas and continue to do so periodically.
Aiming to increase its production capacity from 100,000 units / day and 2600,000 units / month to 45,000 units / day and 1,170,000 units / month as of 2005, Hayli Is's extremely weight-grade export department includes 65% of its total performance.
Trade with Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Iran and Iraq.
htscaster.com  is taking firm steps forward in its sector with its young, dynamic management and production staff, who are open to innovation and development.