A significant part of the auspicious business activities is R&D (Research / Development) and UR-GE (Product Development). For this reason, today, it has a reputation for quality and reliability not to be underestimated in the sector.

Our company, which manufactures and sells many products in different capacities and displays them in its "showroom", meets the needs of every small and large organization with the same diligence and seriousness.

Customer demands and expectations in the best way not detected in the barely moving the Good Business with the thought that passed through to meet one to one with them, both in this context, Turkey has contacted a centering located in both overseas and continued it at periodic intervals.

Aiming to increase its production capacity from 30,000 units/day and 780,000 units/month to 45,000 units/day and 1,170,000 units/month as of 2005, Hayli Is's export department, which has been focused on in recent years, constitutes 65% of its total performance. Apart from all the European and Asian countries it has served abroad, it has carried out trade mainly with Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Iraq.

Hayirli Business is taking firm steps forward in its sector with its young, dynamic management and production staff, who are open to innovation and development.