In the field of furniture design, casters are a widely used tool to increase the mobility and performance of furniture. Here's a look at the swivel caster featuring a housing made of nylon 6, a pim for the seat attachment, a wheel center made of polypropylene, and a thermoplastic cover, along with a reliable plain bearing.
Integrating casters with chairs revolutionizes mobility, allowing users to glide smoothly across surfaces and adapt to different environments without straining or lifting.

Housing made of nylon 6:
Nylon 6 is a versatile engineering thermoplastic known for its exceptional strength, toughness and resistance to wear and tear. It offers excellent load bearing capacity and ensures that the swivel casters can support the weight of chairs and other furniture items without compromising performance. In addition, Nylon 6 is also known for its lubricating properties, reducing friction and increasing the overall efficiency of the caster. 

Screws for connections:

The integration of a screw mechanism for seat connections simplifies the installation process and ensures a secure and stable connection. This user-friendly feature saves assembly time.

Wheel center made of polypropylene:

Choosing polypropylene for the center of the caster is a testament to its light weight and flexibility. Polypropylene material has excellent impact resistance.

Thermoplastic coating:

The thermoplastic coating acts as a protective layer for Casters, which increases the lifespan and ensures smooth operation for a long time.

Reliable bearings: 
A simple slewing ring bearing is responsible for providing smooth and quiet operation. Bearings reduce friction between moving parts and allow the spindle to turn effortlessly and silently. This feature is essential for chairs that are used in quiet environments such as libraries or offices.

As a result, the swivel castor with housing made of nylon 6 is an excellent solution to increase the mobility and functionality of chairs and furniture pieces.
Of course, the main feature of the size and bearing capacity of the wheel is completely given below:

Wheel diameter


60 mm

Total height  



Width of wheel


10 mm

Castor width


52 mm

Centre Pin



Castor model


Swivel castor

Swivel Interference


124 mm

Overall height





- 15 / + 50 °C



EN 12528



0.104 kg

Hardness of tread


Shore D 75

Load capacity


50 kg

Load capacity (static)