Here we present the plain bearing swivel caster, expertly designed for optimal performance. The wheel is made of durable nylon 6 material, which provides excellent strength and smooth-rolling ability. Complementing the wheel's performance, the castor body is expertly crafted using polypropylene, ensuring durability and stability.

For assembly, we use a single pin that securely holds all components together, ensuring a safe and hassle-free user experience. With our simple ball-bearing swivel castor, you can move your furniture with ease.

Experience a perfect combination of quality materials and precise engineering in this product. Below are the full specifications of the castor.


Technical Data

Wheel diameter


60.50 mm

Total height  



Width of wheel


10 mm

Castor width


52 mm

Centre Pin



Castor model


Swivel castor

Swivel Interference


124 mm

Overall height





- 15 / + 50 °C



EN 12528



0.104 kg

Hardness of tread


Shore D 75

Load capacity


60 kg

Load capacity (static)