Casters with Brake

The caster is one of the important inventions with many uses. Casters are generally used to transport products. In some cases where stopping is required, the use of braked casters is preferred. Brake casters are used in many places. Casters with brakes are used on patient beds in hospitals. These braked casters are produced in different sizes and materials in our company and can be easily locked. They do not cause any damage to the floor.
Various products are produced in our company.
Hospital casters are made of high-quality materials that lock easily.
PVC-coated PP braked casters are used on the shelves.
There are also thermo-coated and easy-locking casters that work silently and do not damage the floor.
All of our decorative products are also produced with brakes, and you can easily use them in your furniture.

Price of Casters with Brake

The products of our company are produced in different sizes and materials. The prices of the products vary according to the materials used and their sizes. Of course, our company produces widely used products at affordable prices. The purpose of these products is to make your life easier. Because you can easily move your furniture using these casters. It is very useful to use furniture with casters when cleaning your house because you can easily clean the bottom of your furniture.

Braked Caster features to consider when purchasing

When purchasing a product, you should pay attention to its dimensions, in addition, the place of use and land is also very important. The size of the caster must be suitable for your furniture so that it can be easily attached to your furniture. There are products of different shapes and colors from which you can choose the best caster according to your taste.