The caster of an office chair is one of the chair parts that has problems over time after long use and needs to be replaced.

office chair wheel

In general, each office chair has 5 legs and each leg has a caster that moves the chair. Office chair casters are usually attached to the chair with screws or pins connection. Replacing each is described below.

Changing the caster with screw connection 

It is very easy to change the caster with screw connection. We only need 13mm wrench to replace screw caster to chair. At first, we turn the chair to have more control over the chair. Then, using the number 13 key, you should open screw by turning it clockwise.
After opened  the caster and preparing the new caster, it's time to tie it. To connect it, it is necessary to replace the caster and fix the caster in place by turning the screw counterclockwise.

Changing the caster with pin connection 

Changing the caster with  pin connection  is a little more difficult than the screw model. When changing the caster with pin, it is necessary to have a screwdriver and oil with you. Before starting the caster change process, it is necessary to turn the chair over with the caster facing up.

 The main and most difficult step in replacing the caster with pin is removing it from the base. For this, it is necessary to take a screwdriver into the small distance between the caster and its position on the base and press upwards to separate the caster from the base.
It is better to lubricate the place of the caster with a little oil to open it better and prevent breakage. Of course, we can also use a wrench.

Choosing the right caster for the office chair

One of the most important steps in replacing office chair wheels is choosing the right caster for replacement. You can see all kinds of caster wheels for office chairs on our website to choose the right caster. HTS Caster company produces all kinds of office chair wheels and furniture wheels in the best quality.

Installing the new caster on the office chair

The final step in replacing office chair wheels is to attach the new caster to the chair base. For this, it is necessary to put the caster where the caster is placed and press it until it clicks into place.