Caster wheels are humanity's greatest invention to lighten your load, today the best types of caster are produced that have other unique properties besides lightening our load.
HTS Caster company produces two different types of heavy industrial caster, which differ according to the pulley type. The raw materials of heavy industry caster are selected from high-quality raw materials that guarantee the strength of the caster for larger capacities. The first type is made of DKM- Metal, and the second type is Polyamide - Metal. Of course, the body of this caster is made of metal with a yellow zinc coating.
Generally, heavy-duty casters and wheels with a higher weight carrying capacity of up to 900 kg than the most widely used industrial wheels are used to facilitate the movement of devices.
DKM casters and Polyamide casters are produced in swivel, fixed connection, and caster with brakes that are completely resistant to impacts. Bearings are located in the middle of this caster on both sides, which improves the rotation of the casters.
HTS Caster company is the largest manufacturer in Turkey of various types of caster, both Industrial and Furniture wheels, providing easy selection according to your needs. When choosing a caster, the load-carrying capacity and material of the caster, which are two important factors, should be considered. Since the caster material should be different according to the type of floor, soft material is generally used for hard floors to prevent scratches on the floor. The fact that DKM casters are highly resistant to abrasion is the most important reason why DKM casters are preferred.

Polyamide caster never rusts. Polyamide casters have a very high resistance to heat, oil solvents, abrasion, absorbability, and cracking.
 Therefore, for a better selection at an affordable price, please review our products and make the best choice. Also please contact us for more information about industrial casters and wheels.