Casters play a good role in moving various objects from furniture to industrial equipment. Choosing the right caster diameter is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
The purpose of this article is to provide the necessary information to select the appropriate caster diameter based on specific applications and requirements.

Casters weight capacity:

One of the main factors when choosing a caster diameter is the weight capacity it can bear.
You should measure the maximum load it can handle and ensure that the selected caster diameter can easily handle the anticipated weight without compromising safety or performance.

Floor conditions:

The type of surface on which the caster is used should also be considered. Because different diameters have different functions. For example, larger diameters are stable on uneven surfaces, but small casters are suitable for smooth surfaces.


Consider maneuverability requirements for swivel-mounted equipment. A larger caster diameter provides better maneuverability over rough terrain or obstacles, as they can be rolled over more easily. Smaller casters improve turning capabilities, making them ideal for tight spaces or confined areas where maneuverability is essential. Assess the environment in which the casters will be used and select a diameter that matches the desired maneuverability.

Height and distance:

The height and distance of the caster-equipped object are critical considerations. A larger diameter increases the overall height of the object, which we must measure if we have height limitations.
Measure the available height and clearance to ensure that the selected caster diameter meets the required parameters

Industry and application:

According to where the caster is used, the diameter of the caster also changes. For example, in industrial equipment, we need a caster with a larger diameter to bear significant loads, which is high, which has high stability and load-bearing capacity. But for furniture that is not heavy and needs a small caster for more maneuverability, a caster with a small diameter is preferred.


As a result, in choosing the right diameter of the caster, factors such as the used floor, height, load-bearing capacity, maneuverability, etc. should be considered.