Office Chair Casters

Mobility is an important feature in office chairs. Basically they produce office chairs with five legs and five casters. The reason for this problem is to increase the stability of the office chair. A five-legged chair can carry more weight than a three- or four-legged chair. Also, the probability of the chair tipping over and the user falling on the five casters is much less than with three or four casters.

Advantages of Office Chair Casters

The number, type and material of the caster and wheels, as well as the efficiency and lifetime of the office chair, have a significant impact. For this reason, you should pay attention to the type and material of the caster when buying an office chair. These features depend on the surface on which the chair is used. Therefore, the chair chosen should be suitable for the floor of the environment in which you intend to use the chair. If the ground is not suitable, the probability of failure increases.

One of the most important elements in an office chair is the caster. Chair caster wheels help people easily reach different points of their desks and travel short distances without having to stand around the room. There are different types of caster wheels. Below we discuss the types of caster available and the features of each.

Office Chair Caster Model

Chair caster wheels are produced in different colors, materials, diameters and load carrying capacities. According to your needs, you can choose the caster suitable for your chair.

There are several types of office chair wheels. HTS Caster company produces caster wheels made of PVC, polyamide, PP, rubber, which you can choose according to the surface. Of course, fixed and swivel casters are also available, and swivel casters are preferred for most office chairs as they are easy to swivel  360 degrees. PVC caster are one of the most popular caster wheels that do not leave marks on the floor and are resistant to wear.

Office Chair Caster Wheel Connection Type

Caster connection type is different from each other in office chairs. If you paid attention to the way the caster of the chair are connected while purchasing, if you have a problem with the caster after a while, you can buy a similar model and replace it. Usually, the connection of the office chair caster is in the form of pins, screws and disc, the screwed model is the most preferred model because it is easy to assemble. Of course, office caster wheels with brakes are also produced, which can be locked if you don't need to move.