Mass production possibilities of the growing industrial sector are very difficult. Lighten your load with HTS industrial wheels while transporting intensive and continuously produced products from one point to another at the storage stage. There are many different types of industrial wheels manufactured by HTS. These diversifications are generally made according to the size and characteristics of the cargo to be transported. Carrying capacities range from 100 kg to 900 kg. However, industrial wheels are not just wheels used in industry.

Today, the use of our industrial wheel products is indispensable in every area where the transportation process is carried out with the human power that can be thought of. From furniture to hospital stretchers, from construction and trolleys to hotel and restaurant services, HTS manufactures industrial wheels according to the size and characteristics of the load. Industrial wheels produced by our company and which can be adapted to almost every field are offered for sale under the name of HTS Industrial Wheels.

You can choose the most suitable wheel on our website according to the size, color and taste of your furniture.

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