The caster is one of the round tools with a variety of uses; But reducing friction and facilitating movement is its first and most important use.

The invention of the caster is one of the most important and fateful achievements of mankind, invented four thousand years ago in the city of Ur, the largest city of Sumer. It was first used in chariots.

At first, the first caster were thick, heavy, uneven and large, pulled by many horses. The material of these caster wheels is made of Sepidart wood. However, after a while, the science of caster making was transferred from Sumer to other countries and many changes occurred on it.

caster Types

1. The first generation caster were thick, heavy, unspoken, rough, and large wooden planks made of sapidar wood.
2. The second-generation caster wheels were designed as spokes, they were six-spoke, narrower, slender and lighter.
3. On the third generation caster wheels, the designers stopped using wood and replaced it with metal.
4. The fourth-generation caster and wheels had a plastic coating on the metal base, which facilitated movement.
5. The fifth generation caster wheels are designed with a quality, light and flexible plastic cover in smaller sizes.

Advancement of the caster Industry

These five generations of caster wheels have revolutionized transportation. Today, caster are used in many different industries with different applications. In the world, caster and wheel design technology is advancing and expanding in the sector day by day. Because of  this, swivel and fixed caster and wheels are used in various industries, such as the medical and hospital industries, oil and gas, automobile, food and bakery industries, airport, textile, aviation, electronics, paint, furniture and other industries.