Considering that it is very difficult to carry heavy loads from one point to another in the industrial sector, you can lighten your load by using HTS Caster (Industry casters). There are many types of industrial casters produced by our company, and these variations are usually made according to the size and characteristics of the load to be transported. Carrying capacity is between 100 kg and 900 kg. However, industrial casters are not the only casters used in the industry. Today, our industrial caster products are used in almost every area where the transportation process is carried out with human power. HTS industrial casters are produced according to the size of the load, suitable for all spaces from furniture to hospital stretchers. Polyurethane on Polyamide Caster, which is used in the light industry sector, is among the ground-friendly casters due to the materials used. Quality materials should be used to minimize the damage to the surface and this type of casters are produced with high engineering precision at These casters are produced as fixed, rotating, and braked and have a load-carrying capacity between 60 and 220 kg.

Polyurethane wheels application

Polyurethane-coated casters are a unique product with the flexibility of rubber casters. Polyurethane coating has many applications in the industry and the use of this type of coating is increasing day by day. Today, it can be easily said that these castors are used in all industries and common uses due to the many advantages of polyurethane coatings compared to old coatings. This type of coating is used in industries where the quality and life of the castor are very important.

High weight bearing, good friction, very low wear, very low corrosion, etc. Due to its properties, polyurethane coating is used in chemical industries, transportation, restaurants, hotels, schools, cafes, and manufacturing industries.

The advantage of polyurethane-coated wheels

Polyurethane coating has many advantages over old coatings, which can be summarized as follows:

1. Slow motion
2. High load capacity
3. Good friction coefficient in polyurethane wheel (polyurethane)
4. Polyurethane wheel (polyurethane) does not damage the floor

The reason for the preference for polyurethane wheels

Polyurethane wheels are preferred by engineers as an alternative to rubber, plastic, and metal wheels for the following reasons.

1. Wear-resistant
2. Resistant to oil and glue
3. Tear resistant
4. High load-bearing capacity
5. Excellent sound reduction properties
6. Resistant to heat and cold

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