One of the most necessary pieces of equipment in the hospital is the hospital caster, which is used to transport the patient with roller beds.

 Hospital casters are generally produced in the form of screw and disc connection types by HTS Caster company. There are two types, with and without brakes. Considering that these types of caster are in contact with different and dangerous chemicals and medical substances, the material used in their construction should have unique properties.

Hospital and Medical caster feature

Hospital wheels are quiet and can be changed quickly. These hospital casters are also special for the operating room as they do not conduct electricity. The silence of this caster is suitable for the flat floor of the hospital environment.

Suitable materials for hospital caster include rubber, nylon, polypropylene, and polyurethane. Of course, the caster produced by HTS Caster company is made of PVC-coated polypropylene. The body of these Caster is also made of metal. These casters have a load-carrying capacity of 80 and 100 kg. Hospital wheels have a diameter of 100 and 125 mm.

Application of Medical Wheels

These casters are used in all hospital equipment such as patient side cabinets, IV stands, oxygen carts, hospital beds, operating tables, and equipment trolleys.

Hospital wheels must withstand the various cleaning and disinfecting fluids used in hospitals.
caster with brakes should be used on hospital beds and stretchers. Hospital wheels must have a high weight tolerance. These caster wheels should provide ease of working on different floors and surfaces and in tight spaces and bear the weight of the patient and most equipment.

HTS Caster manufactures different types of hospital casters with the best quality.