This caster product is made by special and technical outputs and produced as one of the most strong and economic furniture caster. It can be used in multiple objects such as,  office fields; executive chairs, drawers, shelfs, desks and so on... The raw materials are specifically included to prevent fragility and to protect the floors... Moreover, one of the most significant development of this production is the strenght, function and economical factors. Basic furniture casters have lower loading capacity around 30 kg but with the raw material we developed, increased to 90 kg, so that the strenght, functionality, economic factors are improved.

The raw materials used and the other ingredients are already sustainable because those materials are second used and recycled materials so there are no consumption or creation from zero. The caster product is strong and sustainable because the raw material and ingredients we experience and observe the analysis. The product is highly environmental friendly and socially useful and healthy product. HTS Caster is one of the most strong and potential caster producer of the world with the widest caster range.

Professional 60mm Caster:

 This 60mm caster is designed for professional impression and does not make any scratch, sound or marking in the office field or at home usage. It provides high quality of usage in the areas thanks to its 60mm diameter. Non-marking, non-sounding and easy-going caster with 60mm diameter is provides mobility in the office and home fields. Basic furniture casters normally have similar diameter but much weaker loading capacity, however due to its 60mm diameter, mobility is much easier and more economic with the environmental friendly raw materials. This product has several purpose such as function, capacity and economic factors.

This 60mm caster is easy to use in chairs because it has non-marking, non-sounding and easy-going raw materials and other ingredients. The caster with 60mm diameter is provides mobility in the office and home fields. Also, it looks like a shiny and classy product so that the places will get decorativity and elegance.

HTS Caster's Pioneering Role:

 HTS Caster is one of the pioneering brand in caster production thanks to its unique and outstanding models. This 60mm caster is commonly used in the office fields, the loading capacity, environmental friendly, non-marking and scratching manners are really important. Those people who works in the office field, do not want any annoying spot. The product's most essential objection is to be functional, decorative, and most importantly economic. Therefore, it provides significant and major improvement to our company. Thus, people will not need to spend a lot of money on strong materials or quality production.