A table caster, also known as a furniture caster, is a type of casters attached to the bottom of furniture for easy movement. It is a common accessory for tables, chairs, desks, coffee tables and other furniture that needs to be moved frequently.

Table and stand casters are produced in different sizes, materials and designs. Made of durable materials such as PVC, black hard plastic and polyamide, the table caster provides ease when moving the table. Table casters are different and you can find a design for every budget. It can be fixed or rotated according to the user's need. Fixed casters only move in a straight line, while swivel casters provide more flexibility in movement.
There are different types of casters, including Transparent casters, chrome-plated spherical casters and anthracite casters. Depending on the space used, you can make the best choice.

The connection of these casters is usually screw or table.
Table casters can be mounted in different ways depending on the tables. Some casters can be screwed to furniture, while others can be table mounted. To ensure safety, it is very important to pay attention to the type of connection when installing the casters.

   The price of the products varies according to the type, size and usage area. You can choose from different table casters to suit your style.

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